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Rolling applications just opened up! We're looking for talented individuals who are passionate about sustainable development on the African Continent and throughout the African Diaspora.

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The Challenge

The exponential growth occurring within Africa is an opportunity for the next generation of 

professionals to pursue creative solutions that 

place social and environmental sustainability at 

the forefront.


Throughout the African Diaspora, young professionals are eager to expand their global perspectives and contribute to sustainable growth in Africa and their local communities 


...but they don't know

how or where to start



Africa Now aims to supplement movements in Africa geared towards sustainability by

  • Mobilizing passionate young professionals within the diaspora

  • Equipping youth with the necessary resources and information to start taking action now

Come ready to learn, network, and take action: 

  1. Insight from young leaders within Africa

  2. Workshops

  3. Insight from Panelists

  4. Resource Fair

  5. Networking


Learn - Network - Take Action 

About Us

The African continent is home to the largest youth population in the world. With the increased access to information and new platforms to mobilize, youth across the continent are fighting to address corruption and create ways to contribute to the growth of their specific country. This revolution is one that cannot be ignored; the African continent has abundant resources and limitless potential that generally goes unacknowledged and continues to be exploited by outside actors. Africa’s youth across the diaspora are eager to help their nations achieve the long overdue potential that experts have been predicting for decades. Here in Washington, we’ve decided to join the revolution by supplementing the educational pursuits of young professionals and cultivating them to unlock the future of Africa, now.


Africa Now is here to mobilize a community of passionate and active young professionals that are committed to building a sustainable future for Africa and enriching their global perspective. Through social media and quarterly follow-ups, we will coordinate and maintain a network that can learn, share, and collaborate on relevant ideas. The relationships built between participants from diverse academic disciplines will eventually yield new foundations, entrepreneurial ventures, group sponsored initiatives and ideas that will translate into action, not only in Seattle but across the world.

Insight from 


Learn from young leaders in Africa

Workshops with experts from various fields

Resource Fair with opportunities to get active

Network with Like minded individuals